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The SAS Clogs

Clogs are one of the most popular shoe designs and there’s a good chance that someone in your workplace, classroom, or even medical office is wearing one of them.  In addition to being stylish, these versatile shoes provide many of the following benefits to the user:

Joining The Party

SAS is dedicated to making the finest footwear so it was only a matter of time before they constructed their own version of this classic design.  These shoes are innately relaxing but when you include the company’s patented comfort technology you have a shoe that stands above the rest in terms of style and function.

The SAS Clog retains the same, classic look of the iconic shoe.  It has a laceless design, its backless for easy on and off, and it has a rounded toe which gives it a professional look that you can wear in any setting.  A closer look, however, reveals several important upgrades that truly set it apart from the other brands.

The most striking features in this otherwise streamlined shoe is the addition of a strap buckle over the instep.  The ankle collar is more than capable of providing a snug fit but the addition of this feature will do a tremendous job of keeping your feet in place and fastened.  This strap will also keep your ankle firm and steady which will prevent any unnecessary injuries such as ankle sprains. 

These shoes lack  the ventilation holes that you normally see from the brand but the air flow from the backless design will more than compensate for that missing feature.  The inside of the shoe is fully lined to provide a relaxing experience for your feet and its orthopedic footbed are soft and supportive to reduce the impact on your knees.  As always, your feet are supported by one of the most advanced and accommodating midsoles in the marketplace.  These midsoles are designed to compress and absorb shock with each and every step.

Our feet are working every day to get us from Point A to Point B, so why not give them a vacation with the SAS Clogs!