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The Dream Shoes from SAS

The Dream from SAS has everything you’re looking for in a pair of slip-ons.  These beautiful shoes are lightweight, durable, and its versatile design allows you to wear it in a variety of settings.

So Dreamy

This shoe is packed with so many features that it will seem like you’re walking on clouds.  They are extremely lightweight so you won’t have to expend any additional energy while they’re on your feet.  It’s constructed with high-quality leather that soft yet also durable enough to withstand a range of activities.  And while other brands may use leather only in moderation, SAS has spared no expense with this model and, as a result, your entire foot is surrounded by this premium material.

Another great feature of this model is its classy design.  It has very sleek and streamlined shape that makes it appropriate to wear for school, work, or while running errands.   The stitch work on the toe box is also amazing and it only adds to the sophisticated look of the shoe.

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The slip on design makes it very easy to wear and the absence of shoe laces ensures that these shoes are on your feet and ready to go in a matter of seconds.  To be fair, shoelaces are important for keeping your feet snug and secure so, to compensate for this missing feature,  the company has placed gores on the side of the shoe.  These gores are elastic and adjust to the natural shape of your feet to give you a nice, customized fit.

Additional Specifications:

While the premium materials and classy design ensures that you’ll look great, their patented midsole will guarantee that you’re relaxed and comfortable throughout the day.  Their one-of-a-kind midsole are very durable and it provides support where you most need it. 

The insoles are very soft and supportive and they’re also removable so you have the option to replace them with your own orthotics if you prefer.  The polyurethane outsoles, which are packed with millions of tiny air bubbles, have one primary goal:  to absorb shock and reduce the tension on your knees and back. 

No More Nightmarish Shoes

Wake up from the nightmare of other brands and marvel at the delight of the Dream shoes from SAS.  Everything about this shoe is designed to make your walk and commute more relaxing, so do your feet and knees a favor and buy a pair today!